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Our business principles

STARFISH English Services is based upon sound Biblical principles of business. These are:

A) Honesty1. We will deal honestly and truthfully with all our clients. We will also treat our suppliers fairly and endeavour to settle any invoices within 28 days of receipt.

B) Giving full value for money2. If you have paid for an hour’s tuition, you will get an hour’s tuition. If we say we have spent three hours on your piece of written work, then that is time we have worked – it does not include taking tea-breaks, answering the 'phone and so forth.

C) Paying all taxes fully3. We will not use any tax dodging schemes. If we have earned the money we will pay our taxes. We are not a huge multi-national (yet!). We may never be that size, but we will have a clear conscience.

D) Giving it 100%4. Nothing less than our best service is good enough. If you choose to use our services, you will get our best attention and effort at all times.

1 Proverbs 11:3
2 Deuteronomy 25:15
3 Mark 12:17
4 Ecclesiastes 9:10

Fair Trade workplace

We’re proud to serve Fairtrade coffee, sugar and tea in 2017.

We’re changing the way trade works by offering staff and visitors Fairtrade options. It’s our way of supporting decent pay and working conditions for farmers and their communities and the chance for them to invest in houses, healthcare and education.

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Green Stationery Company

We source our recycled paper from the Green Stationery Company, based in Bath. They aim to supply the best green office products in the UK whilst, at the same time, having the lowest environmental impact possible. They support this by publishing information on everything they do through the "Profit Through Ethics" scheme. We are proud to support them!

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More About Us

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